Getting Started

Published on by Mike

One of my goals with this blog is to share my experiences and my goofs to help others who are just getting started avoid frustration.  There is absolutely a ton to talk about and write on this subject.  In fact this is my second attempt at writing this.  My first attempt was getting so long it became unmanageable, and I think most readers would have gotten board reading before getting to the end of the post.  Therefore, I am going to break this out into multiple posts.

Band SawObvisouly, in order to make stuff out of wood, we are going to need tools.  A couple quotes come to mind here.  “Don’t blame your tools” and “Use the right tool for the right job.”  I do believe that these two go hand in hand.  That said when making a tool purchase, we all need to ask ourselves if the tool will successfully accomplish what we intended for it.  I think one of the biggest mistakes I have made in the past is buying cheap tools expecting them to work and last like higher end tools.  I know for most woodworkers starting out, including myself, cannot afford a nice new shiny Delta Unisaw.  However, there are many options that can be explored.  There are tools that you can most definitely get away with buying low-end, and successfully use, as long as you know and understand the limitations.  For example a $100 9′ Band Saw will do well with cutting a pinewood derby car or cutting curves into 3/4″ stock.  It will have difficulty ripping, and I wouldn’t even dare to attempt to resaw a board.

I do know that the level of frustration caused by expecting more than a tool is capable of delivering has scared many away from a very rewarding hobby.  One of my future topics, for getting started will be on my table saw frustrations and what I have done to over come them.

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