March 2015 Shop Update – Redesigned Website!!

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logo So if you haven’t noticed yet, I have completely redesigned my blog!  Before I get into too much detail, there is a group of people, that are in The Woodwhisperer Chatroom that I need to give a shout out to.  First is Travis (aka SynCro) he took the photo that I use as a logo, and made it into a more usable image for me, and his advice went a long way in coming up with the header design.  He did a great with it!  Next is Jason (aka Beamer) as he gave some great design advice as well helping me debug some Javascript and CSS.  Another shout out to Gary (aka EI).  He also did some treatment to my logo that I hope to eventually turn into a t-shirt design.  A big THANK YOU to you guys!  Finally, one last thank you to the entire chatroom.  The feedback you guys gave really inspired me to reconsider my ideas of web design.

There are a few features I want to highlight on the redesigned website.  First, the fresh look is a huge improvement over the old one.  The new look was long over due.  Next, I have made it easier to find the various avenues to subscribe to my content with the social network bar under the main menu.  More links will be coming soon as I am expanding those options as well.   Another improvement is that I made the comments links more apparent, in hopes that more comments are left.  The last new feature I wanted to highlight is the Video page.  Since I am planning on making videos a more integral part of my blog, there is a video page where my most current videos will be nicely laid out.  Over the next days & weeks I will likely be making tweaks as I go, so if you seem something out-of-place, let me know and I will get it fixed.

2015-03-30 23.56.33On the topic of videos, yes it has been too long since my last video release.  The good news is I have footage for two more video projects that are ready to be edited.  The delay in getting them edited was a result of getting the website redesign going.  Now that is complete I am going to circle back and get those videos edited and posted.  I really do want to get to a point of where I can post these weekly, but that may take a while to build up to.  Right now, especially since the weather is improving, I am hoping to get them out every other week.  If you have an idea of project you would like to see a video, leave your idea in the comments, or send it to me via the contact link.

kimmyLast, I mentioned a couple of updates ago that I quit drinking pop just after Christmas.  It has been 3 months now and I am happy to report that my beverage of choice is still water!  I have not touched a can or bottle of Coke or Pepsi at all since then.  I have lost around 10 pounds as a result, and have found I have a lot more energy.  Now with the weather warming up I try to take a daily walk with our dachshund mix, Kimmy.  The next phase is also trying to take the bike out a couple of times a week as well.

Until my next shop update, happy and safe woodworking to all!

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