A New Year With a Site Announcement

Published on by Mike

madermadeit_website_tpHappy New Year all!  As a new years are about new beginnings, I am making a new start with my blog.  Often with new beginnings, changes occur as well.  As you may have already noticed, I made a pretty big change with my blog.  Sawdustnewbie.com has now become Mader Made It.

As you may have noticed, I have been away from my blog and video production for a little while now.  There are a couple reasons behind it.  As you may recall in some of my previous posts that I gave up drinking pop a year ago.  The result of that has been extremely positive, and I have had considerably more energy.  To help get myself in better shape, I spent a lot of time working in the yard this past Spring and Summer, which took time away from the woodshop.  Also, earlier this year, I did a complete site redesign which overall I am happy with.  Unfortunately, I had some other significant technical issues come up with the website, and while they have all been resolved, I did get a little burnt out from its upkeep, so I decided it was best to step away from it for a little while.  The good news is, I have been in the shop for a while now, and have several projects that I will be writing about.  Also I have been shooting footage of many of the projects I have worked, and hope to soon resume producing videos as well.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

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