Back from the Dead, a New Project, and Other Shop Musings

Published on by Mike

What?!?!  A new post?!?!  It’s been over a year!  It has been far too long since I have written a new post for the blog.  Fear not, I have still been in the shop, making stuff, however most of the documenting of my projects has been on social media.  While that does give brief glimpses into what is going in my shop, it doesn’t go in to near the detail of what I have written about on the blog.  

First off, a status on videos.  I have footage of several projects that I have not yet edited, that someday I will edit them and release them.  The biggest hold up for the video is the editing process.  Unfortunately the laptop, or more specifically the video car in the laptop that I currently own is simply not up to the task of editing video in an efficient manner to get them out on a regular basis.  Until I get a better laptop, my video production is on hiatus.  

In the meantime, I do want to get my blog back up and going again, especially as I prepare for an upcoming project.  That project being a home made CNC Router!

Why a CNC?  First off, do not think for one minute that I am giving up traditional woodworking, as that is simply NOT the case.  I look at it is the next step in my journey as a woodworker.  Just as the table saw, jointer, planer all are tools that simplify or make possible certain tasks, so to is the CNC.  For example, one of the things I want to start doing is bent laminations.  A CNC can help me make the bending forms that are needed.  This will give me more time doing the actual woodworking, rather than spending time making jigs.  Also, I am a computer guy.  My day job isn’t woodworking but rather it is Information Technology, and as a result I am a bit of a technology enthusiast.  Getting a chance to build a piece of technology for me is exciting.  A big reason I am coming back to the blog is that I am going to document the process of the build.  I am debating on whether I will shoot video or not.  As I mentioned video production is not my priority right now, and if I do shoot video, it will probably be awhile before I get it edited.  

Finally, before I sign off, I did make another change to the technology I use in my shop.  As I have written about in the past I keep a computer in the workshop.  I recently replaced that computer with a Raspberry PI 3.  So far, I have been very impressed with what its capabilities are.  Since it is pretty much always running, I now stream my shop much more regularly when I am working.  Plus, getting to play with Linux again has been a lot of fun.  I did just say I am a computer guy(coughgeekcough)  🙂

That is it for now, I will have the first CNC post out shortly.  I also have a couple posts that I started last year, that I will try to finish up and get published as well.  Happy and Safe woodworking!

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