A Word About Safety

Please!  Make sure you read the manuals included with your tools.  The manuals will cover the safe operations of your tools.  Make sure all cutting edges are sharp and in good shape.  A dull cutting tool is a dangerous cutting tool.  Any damaged tools, blades, or accessories should be repaired or replaced before attempting to use them.

Also, wear safety glasses at all times while working.  When necessary, where hearing protection.  You may also want to consider wearing a filtered dust mask to protect against find sawdust particles, even if you are running dust collection. Some tools may require other safety gear not mentioned here that you should use as well.

The most important piece of safety equipment is your brain.  If there is an operation or technique that you don’t feel comfortable doing, it is a good idea to take step back and think through what you are doing.  There is likely another method you can use that maybe safer.

That said, this blog is just another tool for you to use.  The information on given on here is simply the poster’s perspective and opinion.  As with any other tool, use this resource at your own risk.