About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  I have been woodworking since Jr. High off and on over the years.  The last few years I have been exploring the craft with much more vigor and building up my shop and skills.  So, I am not really all that new to the craft, why did I name my blog SawDustNewbie.com?  There are 2 main reasons for this.  First, most of my woodworking takes place during the weekends, and sometimes in the evenings after work, when the temperature of my garage allows.  It takes many many years of  near constant work for someone to become a truly skilled woodworker.  I personally consider myself an intermediate to advanced beginner.  The next reason is that even the most advanced master craftsman can always learn a new skill or technique.  That is the great thing with woodworking, there is always something new to learn, thus being a newbie!  That is what the focus of this blog is about, learning the over craft of woodworking while learning various techniques from using power tools to the fine touch of hand tools.