Tool Review – Woodworking Tape from Avery Dennison

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Avery Dennsion Woodworking TapeAt Woodworking in America’s 2013 show, a representative from Avery Dennison was handing out free samples of a new product they are introducing, specifically for the needs of woodworkers.   I have had several projects where I have had to double side tape two like parts together, or a template to roughed out part to flush trim on the router table.  In the past I have used carpet tape.  While carpet tape works, it can be very difficult to separate and often have to clean up the work pieces with a good sanding.  Also, once you separate the carpet tape it may not be reusable as it went with the work piece or just doesn’t hold well afterwards.  Also, carpet tape requires scissors to cut each piece off as it does not rip easily.  Overall, carpet tape really is not an easy to use product for woodworking.  Avery Dennison’s new product states it will solve all these issues.

So my current project, requested by my wife, has a lot of the same parts, each with a bunch of curves that need to reproduced many times over.  This was the perfect opportunity to put this tape to a test.  First off, the tape rips very easily, so there is no need for scissors, which makes getting the pieces needed go very quickly.  Once getting the work pieces together, about 6″x13″ there tape held solid laterally.  I did several pieces on the router table with the flush trim bit, and every one of them came out perfectly.  While the tape is designed for lateral strength, it is still easy to pull the work pieces apart.  The tape is designed to stay on the first surface when you pull it apart so that you can reuse it on the a template fairly easily.  For the most part I found this to be true, but did have one case where the tape stayed on the other piece.  Once done, the tape pulled off the template very easily, and neither the template or work piece had any residue left.

I will mention, this tape is meant for lateral strength only.  It is not meant for and should not be used to hold two pieces together for use on the lathe.

Looking at the availability on Woodcraft’s website they sell it in two different sizes, 1″x50′ and 2″x50′.  The sample pack was a few feet of the 1″ wide tape.  The only real drawback is that the tape is more expensive than carpet tape ($19.99 and $29.99 respectively).  However, I do believe the benefits it provides do justify the cost.  I know I will be buying another role soon.

Tool Review – Grizzly G0555P, Polar Bear Series 14″ Band Saw

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2013-04-20 20.25.15To try to bring more variety to my blog, and hopefully to help other newbie woodworkers make purchase decisions.  Most, if not all, of the tools I will be reviewing have been purchased for my normal usage.  However, on the very off chance someone sends me a tool to review, I will always indicate how I came by the tool I will be reviewing.  I think it is only fair to you, the reader, should know where the tool came from.  I will always try to minimize bias as much as possible.  Also, please comment with your good and bad experiences about the tools I review here.  This will make the review that much more useful for others out there.

2013-04-20 20.26.20The first tool I am going to review is my band saw, specifically the Grizzly G0555P.  I purchased this saw early Spring of 2011, so I have had it for around 2 years.  Order and delivery were uneventful.  I ordered lift gate service, however with my lack of understanding that freight works bit differently then package delivery, I took the day off work for the date the tracking website said it would arrive, not realizing the arrival date was not to my home, but rather to the freight depot.  Not able to take another day off, I ended up driving up to the depot and picked the saw up from there.  Other then skipping out on the lift gate services, the freight aspect went smooth.

2013-04-20 20.26.30The saw and all of it components came well packed in one large box.  Unpacking was straight forward, and each component was well protected.  It did take two of us to lift the main saw out of the box.  Assembly was not difficult, and took me a few hours.  Most of the assembly was easily done by myself, but I did need some help lifting the main saw body on to the stand.  The instructions for assembly were outstanding, and made assembly go smoothly.  Tuning of the saw went well also.  The instructions were very clear on this process as well.  I will say, I did not use the blade that came with the saw.  From what I have read, the stock blade was okay at best, and others had recommended going with a better blade.  So I put a 1/4″ Timber Wolf blade on it, which has been the primary blade I have used on the saw.   First time I powered up the saw I was amazed at how quiet and stable the saw was.  It passed the nickel test with flying colors.

2013-04-20 20.28.35Overall, the fit and finish of the saw is excellent.  The only real negatives I have about the saw is on the guide bearings, and the fence.  Neither of them are truly bad.  The complaint I have with the guide bearings is that they are noisy.  They otherwise work fine, and do well with keeping the blade straight.  The fence is okay for most straight cut operations.  The lock handle is the main issue, as it sometimes doesn’t lock down as tight as it should.  I now always give it an extra push down to make sure it stays in place.  The fence adjustments for drift are not great.

2013-04-20 20.29.00The saw has a single dust collection port in the back for a 4″ hose.  This does an adequate job clearing the dust from the machine.  Except for a little bit of dust left on the table after making a bunch of cuts, there is typically very little sawdust left in the saw itself.

The actual use of the saw has been outstanding!  Once everything was adjusted on a brand new blade, drift was virtually non-existent.  I have even cut thick bowl blanks on it, and the saw cut right through them with no issue.  In the two years I have been using it, has done everything I have expected of it, and never gave me an issue.    All in all, if I had to do it over, I would have no complaints buying this saw again.

Full product specs here

As a note, I do not yet have the rise block or mobile stand for the saw.  These will likely be future additions as I encounter the need for them.