Mystery Project – Post 1

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Until the person receives this, I really cant say what it is yet.  My blog is linked to Facebook and twittter and they or someone they know could see this.  Anyway I made some further progress on it tonight.  What I can say is that the project will compose of at least 2 panels using mortise and haunched tenon joinery.  After milling the boards for the 2 panels, I ran a groove in the edges to accept the panel and the haunch of the tenons.  I did two passes on the table saw flipping face against the fence so that groove will be perfectly centered.  From there I started working on the mortises.  Since I didn’t have a long enough router bit, I decided that the best way to do these was with the drill press, a forstner bit, and a few chisels.  It took several hours to complete, but this evening I was able to complete 8 mortises.  The next step will be to start working on the tenons.  I don’t currently have a tenoning jig, so I will likely putting one together that runs over the fence to accomplish this.  I will update my blog once I have one made.