Spring Cleaning and New Project

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Since we have the most crappy trash service in the world, to make up for it our city has a yearly bulk trash pick-up.  Our day for this was this past Thursday (5/10/12).  This year was probably our biggest pile we have had in many years. Most of the stuff that got taken to the curb had been in the garage in our “for bulk pickup” pile.  Once the garage got cleaned out of all the trash, I set about doing some reorganzing and spring cleaning.  It is amazing, beyond the sawdust (which there was a lot too) how much dirty and debris gets on a garage floor!  It took a couple evening afterwards and most of the morning and afternoon today, but I finally got the garage spring cleaning done!  I don’t think the area has ever looked as good as it does now!

Earlier this week I milled up some boards for a new project that I got started on today.  I will give more details later on it, but it is intended as a gift for someone who may see this post on Facebook.  I put the breadbox on hold for this one as it is a little time sensitive, but I plan on getting back to that one after I finish this new one.  So keep your eye for future posts.

Also, as part of my spring cleaning and lightening my load effort, I have decided to finally get rid of my old (but newer?!?) table saw that I don’t use anymore.  This is the smaller one pictured in the foreground.  I use the table saw that is visible behind it exclusively.  It is actually older then the new one, but it is also by far the better of the two.  So that went up on to Craigslist today.