Shop Made Tenon Jig

Published on by Mike  (Leave a comment)

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, the mystery project utilizes a bunch of tenons (8 total) but I didn’t have a tenon jig.  So I decided to make one from MDF.  To keep it simple, I made it so that it slides on the rip fence.  I started out putting a couple blocks that were as tall as the fence it self and clamped them on to the fence.  I put some paper between the blocks and the fence to keep it snug fence but hopefully allow for smooth movement.  Once I got the blocks placed, I put a top on and glued and nailed it solid.  I then took a long board that was wide as the slider is long and cut a groove down the center.  This groove will allow for clamps to hold the work piece in place.  This was glued and nailed to the slider.  Now, in theory it should have been perfectly square to the table, however theory rarely pans out.  🙂  Luckily my fence allows for adjustment of that so that I can get the vertical board perfectly square to the table.  After I got it all together, and provided a good snug fit.  I will put a good coat of wax on the inside of it to get a smooth slide.