Shop Update Jan 2015

Published on by Mike

2013-04-19 22.45.53_enhancedI hope everyone had a great holiday season, as well as a great New Year!  I am hoping to have a new video and related blog post up in the next week or so.  In the meantime I wanted to get out a quick shop update.

I am finally building the 3 drawers for my hand tool cabinet.  Even though I am hand cutting half blind dovetails (a first for me) I thought this would be a quick project, and a great one for doing a video on.  Overall, the video aspect has been working at well, as I have been editing as I have footage done.  However, I have had a few set backs on this project that has not allowed it to go as quick as i had planned.

Set back #1.  This project sent me to the ER.  I was remaking one of the drawer sides and on one of the last cuts the saw slipped off the work piece and right into my finger.  I was lucky in that all I needed was 5 stitches.  It could have been far worse had it cut a tendon or nerves.  Fortunately today all I have is a scar that is still healing, but otherwise full use.  I have been thinking of ways to further address this injury, either in a video or a post, so keep your eye out for it.  However I did loose 2 weeks of shop time.

Set back #2.  I got sick.  With the first set back, it put me into the holiday season.  Fortunately I planned on taking two weeks off from work.  The first week I planned on finishing my Christmas shopping and help where needed.  The second week I planned on spending time in the shop to get the drawers done.  I got one day in, then I got sick with the flu.  I am feeling better now, just in time to go back to work!

Fortunately, I am close to finishing the drawers, so I am hoping to have them done fairly soon now!  No more set backs!!! 😀  After the drawers are complete, I have been thinking through the next couple projects.  I hope to get an update out on those soon.

On a personal note, I did make one New Year’s Resolution.  I have given up drinking pop.  At this point I have not had a drink of pop in a week.  It was a challenging week as going through caffeine withdraw while sick is absolutely not fun.  While it is a woodworking blog, I am going to use it to help keep me honest with keeping this resolution, so you may see an occasional update on this.

Until next time, go make something and stay safe!

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