February 2015 Shop Update & Tool Gloats

Published on by Mike

We are about half way through winter, and that rodent saw its shadow, so we still have 6 more weeks of winter.  The good news is that the winter so far has been mild, and I have been able to get some shop time!  I have completed a couple small projects that I have completed, and they have been put on video!  Keep your eye out here on the blog, or on my YouTube channel for when the video’s are released.  I am not to a point where I can get a video out on a weekly basis, but I hope to get one or two out a month.

new_cameraOne thing I need to do is apologize for the last video, the audio was horrible.  The camera I have used for the first few videos was a small sports camera that has a microphone that isn’t very good.  The next video coming out I was able to improve the audio level, and there won’t be background music while I am talking.  However, the audio quality suffered a bit.  The good news is, I bought a new video camera!  I found one that didn’t break the bank but also has the ability to accept an external microphone, which will be a future purchase.  I ran several test videos with it, and even without using external mics, the audio level is significantly better.   I can even add back in the background music and voices will still be easily heard and understood!

tool_gloatThis past weekend I attended The Woodworking Show while it was in Columbus.  As always, they have classes and seminars their, and those were pretty good.  I was a little disappointed in the deals they had.  I have actually found that most of the deals are actually priced the same as retail locations.  Thanks to the power of mobile Internet, I researched each of my purchases to help determine if it was a good deal or not.  Probably the best deal I got was a new Bosch Random Orbit Sander.  The Bosch booth had an okay deal on it, but made it a great deal by also giving a Visa gift card right on the spot.  Of course I activated that immediately and used it at the show!  😀  With that I bought another Grr-Rip Block.  This one is #3 and will be used mainly at the router table, though it may find its way over to the band saw on occasion.  I also bought several lengths of T-Track that will likely be used for a drill press table I am planning on making soon.  I also bought some 1/4″ 20 star knobs.

That’s all I have for this month’s update.  Until next month’s shop update!

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